Tell the FDA: No Way to Aspartame in Milk! Sign the Petition!

I received this petition today from in response to the dairy lobby seeking approval to add aspartame to milk. I will be writing about aspartame in the future, but in the meantime, help! Let’s do everything we can to prevent the dairy lobby from getting what they want.

Aspartame is highly controversial with a very shady past. Unfortunately, it is anything, but good for you or your children. To learn more, start with this excellent recap of the history from the Huffington Post. Did you know Donald Rumsfeld is a key player in how aspartame won FDA approval?!! Now I am sure that got your attention!

We saw the power of online petitions with Sara Cavanaugh and Gatorade. Consumer revolts do work. Please join this one. It is too important to ignore.

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Big food companies have a new secret weapon aimed right at your kid’s sweet tooth: milk.

Yes, milk. The powerful dairy lobby is pushing the FDA to redefine “milk” to include artificial sweeteners like aspartame. The goal is to turn the wholesome drink into another artificial flavor-laden sweet snack.
Hyper-sweet additives like aspartame rewire children’s brains so that they constantly crave sugary foods, turning the kids into tiny consumption machines.1 This sweet-trained brain fattens up the food companies’ bottom lines as it fattens up their customers, and has led to our current obesity epidemic.
For decades, food companies have poured millions into research into creating foods that trick our brain into over-consuming. As obesity has surged and the country has become more health-conscious, the industry has moved into formerly healthy foods, pumping them up with sugar, salt, and fat until they, too become part of the problem.
Aspartame has a particularly sketchy history as an artificial substance. It has long been linked to a host of health issues, and was banned by the FDA before a Reagan appointee rigged a committee to approve it. The food industry claims that aspartame helps fight obesity by offering up a low-calorie alternative, but by training the brain to crave sweets, aspartame’s been having the opposite effect. Putting it into milk and serving it up to kids is the last straw. Join us today in telling the FDA no way on aspartame in milk.
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  1. Thanks again for bringing this to attention, issues like this are not publicized enough and often slip by the general public not knowing they had a chance to protest! Petition signed.

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