Thank you Whole Foods! At last some good news about GMO food!

Great news! Whole Foods announced they will require Genetically Modified Foods to be labeled in all North American and Canadian stores.

I am so relieved Whole Foods took this giant leap although I wish we did not have to wait till 2018 for implementation!

Some of you may have followed the Prop 37 initiative in California during the 2012 election. The proposed legislation would have required all genetically modified foods be labeled. Not a big ask considering: one, we have a right to know what we are eating and two, just about every other developed country requires labeling. However, the proposal was defeated.

The food industry’s pocketbooks were too deep and their power too great. They bombarded Californians with over $40 million of attack ads. A friend in California, who is well aware of the harmfulness of GMO food said, even her kids were convinced by these ads that GMOs are safe and labeling would only raise food prices. Ouch! When will we stop voting our pocketbooks, particularly when the statement about the increased cost of food was FALSE and safety HUGELY contested!

So, Whole Foods today is a hero. As I have said before, consumer revolts do work. We just need to be aware enough to demand change.

There are so many articles out there on GMOs. Until I write more, I suggest a little required watching. Genetic Roulette is an excellent documentary. It is an hour and a half, but with school vacations/holidays coming up, download on to your ipads or computers for that moment when you might have a chance to watch. It is captivating, enlightening and horrifying. If you ever wondered about genetically engineered foods and why they are bad, this film explains all. Watch the trailer and then go to to view the movie in its entirety. The small $3.00 donation is worth it.

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