A friend just sent me this video and I am anxious to post this as fast as possible. Please take the time to watch.

I will summarize, but do not just rely on my summary. Watch for yourself as the information is too important if you want to prevent cancer or if you have cancer and want to heal/enhance your life expectancy.


Dr. David Servan-Schreiber was a doctor at the University of Pittsburgh. At 31 he was diagnosed with brain cancer inadvertently. He was part of a research team.  One day a research participant did not show for an MRI, so instead he volunteered and his colleague immediately noticed a walnut sized tumor. Within weeks he had surgery and did a full course of chemo and radiation. The cancer came back 5 years later and again he had the full treatment.

Dr. Servan Schreiber lived for 19 years with brain cancer and unfortunately, he passed away in July 2011. Within those 19 years he devoted himself to understanding cancer and promoting an integrative approach.

His basic premise–we all have cancer cells in our bodies, but why do one in four people get cancer and the rest seem to be protected by a natural defense? Why do defenses fail? Then, what can we do to strengthen the immune system to prevent the disease from coming back?

This is what he learned:

Cancer has rapidly increased since WWII. Some argue because of a larger aging population and more screening. But he asks what about the increase in childhood cancers that are increasing at a rate of 1.5 per year? He then shows a World Health Organization (WHO) map of cancer. The map shows cancer is prevalent in Western, Northern societies–America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Africa, Argentina and Chile–all countries with similar lifestyles. He concludes there must be something about the way we live. As the curve upwards started around 1945, he looked at what changed and narrowed it down to 6 factors.

1. Sugar

Sugar consumption has gone from 12lb/pp/year in the late 1800s to 154lb/pp/year by 2000. There is a dose response relationship in the amount of sugar and the chance of developing cancer. It is important to understand, cancer feeds on sugar. This was discovered in 1936. The researcher won the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

(FYI- Sloan Kettering offers candy to their youngest patients?!! Insanity!)

2. Trans Fats– Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Soy and corn oil became prevalent in industrialized food around 1945. Omega 6 is pro inflammatory and stimulates cell growth. Omega 3 on the other hand, is anti-inflammatory, reduces clots and reduces cell growth. He explains it is important to have a balance. But in today’s world all our animals are fed corn and soy thus exponentially increasing omega 6 in our meats and dairy products.

However, grass is full of omega 3 which is why grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens–who eat grass, worms and seeds are much healthier. We now call them omega 3 foods when back in the day, they were just normal. When farms were green pastures and not industrial plants.

He will make you rethink the typical American meal of a hamburger and french fries.  The soy/corn fed beef is pure omega 6 fatty acids. They are grilled which increases carcinogens . As for fries, potatoes convert to sugar. Frying destroys any antioxidants they could have had and they are usually fried in soy or corn oil which makes the omega 6 fatty acids even higher. Then served on a nutritionally devoid white bun with ketchup–high fructose corn syrup. And we wonder why we are obese, diabetic and developing cancer?

He shows obesity charts and the transformation of our society from barely obese in 1985 to 2007 where more than 30% of the population is obese. Clearly something is going on.

Like sugar, there is a dose response relationship with Omega 6 Fatty Acids.

3. Chemical Contamination

Our food is sprayed with chemicals. Most pesticides are endocrine disruptors because they mimic estrogen. In rivers tainted by pesticide laden fields, there is evidence of male frogs changing to female frogs! You only have to wonder what the increase in estrogen is doing to us?! Also, farm workers and their families experience much higher rates of cancer. They claim pesticides do not accumulate in urine and are quickly excreted, but when most people eat them or are exposed continuously, there is rarely a moment when they are not in the system.

I am working on an article on BPA found in plastics and cash receipts. It is very similar–a serious endocrine disruptor and it is in everything!! He also mentions BPA prevents chemo from killing cancer cells.

He cautions us to watch our chemicals in household products–

Air out dry cleaning, avoid pesticide/insecticides, avoid parabens and phthalates in cosmetics and perfumes, avoid BPA heated plastics, avoid inorganic phosphate additives, avoid skin contact with aluminum (When you shave, do not apply anti-perspirant!)

4. Sedentary

How many kids walk to school these days? How many people in our population walk or get enough exercise? Physical activity is essential– at least 30 minutes 5x/week.

5. Social Support

This is the #1 factor that limits the negative impact of stress on the body. We move. We get caught up in our lives and in the last 50 years there is less of an emphasis on relying on our neighbors and friends. He said the support of one or two friends when going through cancer changes survival rates.

6. Sun Exposure

Skin manufacturers vitamin D through sun exposure but we are so frightened now to sit in the sun without sunscreen that so many are now Vitamin D deficient. Just 20 minutes of summer sun=20,000IUs of vitamin D which then gets stored in the body. Vitamin D is considered the best defense. He shows a chart where those who live in sunny regions have lower rates of breast cancer. Time to move to Florida!

Many try to discount integrative medicine. Eating broccoli is not going to prevent or cure cancer. He agrees, but if you get cancer you do not just take one drug. It is the synergy of drugs that is effective. The same with holistic care. It is the synergy of diet, exercise, emotional support, vitamin D. Not one without the other.

The video was recorded at a lecture at the University of California San Francisco in 2010.

You can also read his book,  Anticancer, A New Way of Life.


  1. I read the book a few months away and that when I decided to eat healthier and live healthier.

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