Want a Flat Stomach?

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 I am going to let you in on what seems to be a secret that gives you a flat stomach and so much more. I call it “the miracle cure.” It is cheap and you may already have it in your kitchen cabinet.

It is Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), in particular, Bragg’s Organic Raw ACV. If you can not find Bragg’s, just make sure it is RAW and ORGANIC. “Raw” as opposed to refined ACV– which is white vinegar with apple flavoring and nutritionally void, contains live probiotic bacteria and nutrients called the “Mother.” The “Mother” gives the vinegar a brownish tint and “cobweb-like” look at the bottom of the bottle. So do not be alarmed, as those cobwebs are filled with great stuff like calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, malic acid and pectin.

I have heard about the benefits of ACV for years. There are endless articles on the internet touting it’s amazing abilities to cure so many ailments, but like most things, you have to see it to believe it. Now, I have tried and tested for an extended period of time and not only am I wowed by its medicinal and slimming effects, so is my husband.

By “shot” I mean a little water mixed with a tbsp of ACV, but I throw it back like a “shot.” To my friend who took a shot glass full, I apologize!! Perhaps start with a tsp and work your way up!

Every morning, we both take a “shot” of ACV diluted with a little water. Some people sweeten it with honey or molasses, but me, I gulp it down. It is not that pleasant, but you get used to it and it is worth it. Also, it is important to dilute with water or rinse your teeth afterwards. I have read that it can damage your teeth if you drink it straight. It hasn’t happened to me, but FYI!

Here are the top 10 reasons, from personal experience, why ACV is a must:

1. It alkalines the body. Yes, strange to think that something so acidic could have that effect, but it does. I just had a life insurance physical and my PH was perfect!

An alkaline body is vitally important. For example, cancer survives and thrives in an acidic body. Anyone with cancer should AVOID/limit all acidic foods which include all sugar, whether it is fructose, sucrose, glucose (anything ending in -ose). Forget sodas and processed food! Actually we ALL should avoid these foods. A high PH equates with great health!

According to WebMD, a 2007 study of 11 people with type 2 diabetes found that taking two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar before bed lowered glucose levels in the morning by 4%-6%. Some people use it as a natural treatment for diabetes as it helps to control high blood sugar levels.

2. It cleanses the body of candida and fights fungus. Trust me I know. All of my symptoms are completely gone and if they come back at all, I up my dose to two shots/day and I am back to myself in no time.

3. It cures acne!! (Ok, my husband wanted to keep this a secret while he schemed of developing and marketing an ACV product as the natural answer to Accutaine–a highly toxic drug with possible debilitating psychological side effects like anxiety and depression). He claims his skin has never looked better nor has my son’s. He too is gulping the shot. He protested at first until he saw the results. Even just dabbing the face with a diluted bit of apple cider vinegar helps to clear up bad skin. Or mix 2 parts water to one part ACV in a spray bottle and spritz the face.

Some say apply on age spots, acne scars or varicose veins and leave on overnight. Can’t speak from experience, but worth trying!

4. It removes warts. Soak a cottonball. Adhere it to the wart with a bandaid and leave on all night. It draws the wart to the surface. Keep applying every night until gone. You may have to scrape off the surface. Amazingly, the wart goes away. No need to go to the dermatologist!

5. It takes the itch away. Just dab on a bug bite or whatever is itching and the itch is gone in seconds.

6. Deodorant. You may smell like vinegar for a minute, but it quickly goes away or apply a natural deodorant over it. It works by adjusting the skin’s PH level and effectively eliminates odor-causing bacteria.

7. Can be used as a disinfectant or natural cleanser around the house.

8. It improves digestion and cures constipation. Take it easy with the dose in the beginning or at least make sure you are close to a bathroom!

9. It is much, much cheaper and far safer than anything you may buy that could produce similar results!

10. Saving for some of us the best for last…It gives you a flat stomach!!! I kid you not. My belly has not been this flat since pre-kids! Or possibly ever! A 2009 study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry, suggests that ACV contributes to weight loss.

Food Matters’ website lists other benefits. I can not personally verify, but I would not be surprised. They include:

  • Reduce sinus infections and sore throats
  • Balance high cholesterol
  • Protect against food poisoning
  • Fight allergies in both humans and animals
  • Prevent muscle fatigue after exercise (I did not know ACV prevents muscle fatigue, but now that I think about it, I have not had muscle fatigue in ages and I exercise daily!)
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase stamina
  • Alleviate symptoms of arthritis and gout
  • Prevents bladder stones and urinary tract infections

I have no doubt many of you will be running to the health food store to buy Bragg’s ACV at the very least for the flat stomach! Please keep me informed of your experience by posting a comment. I think we would all love to know what works and what doesn’t. For example, someone told me to use ACV to detox and condition my hair. Trust me, it did not work! Just the opposite, my hair looked dry and dull. So together let’s decipher fact from fiction!

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57 thoughts on “Want a Flat Stomach?

  1. love Bragg’s Mara! i like 2T in 24oz. water with a tad of stevia. send the belly progress downstairs please! J.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Fyi– stevia is a healthy substitute for sugar if you use a leaf from a Stevia plant, but out of the box….not so good. Hate to be a kill joy:-(

      Here is an except from Foodbabe on the subject:

      “For those of you that are hearing about stevia for the first time, it is a plant that is typically grown in South America, and while it’s extract is 200 times sweeter than sugar, it does not raise blood insulin levels. That’s what makes it so popular. However in 1991 the FDA refused to approve this substance for use due to pressure from makers of artificial sweeteners like Sweet n’ Low and Equal (a one billion dollar industry). But in 2008, the FDA approved the use of rebaudioside compounds that were derived from the stevia plant by Coca-Cola (Cargill) and PepsiCo – hmmm doesn’t that sound suspicious? Not until a major food company got involved did stevia become legal, and only after it had been highly processed using a patentable chemical-laden process…so processed that Truvia (Coca-Cola’s branded product) goes through about 40 steps to process the extract from the leaf, relying on chemicals like acetone, methanol, ethanol, acetonitrile, and isopropanol. Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens (substances that cause cancer), and none of those ingredients sound like real food, do they?

      The whole leaf stevia that you can grow in your backyard (and has been used for centuries in countries like Brazil and Paraguay) remains a non-approved food additive by the FDA. However, rebaudioside A (the stevia extract) that was approved by the FDA has not been used for centuries and long term human health impacts have not been studied and are still unknown. The sweetener/sugar industry wields powerful influence over what is ultimately approved at the FDA, and this is just another example where they are influencing decisions that don’t make sense. How can a chemically derived extract be deemed safe in processed food and a plant from mother nature not?” To read more…

    2. I just started drinking a cup of warm water with a tablespoon of vinegar, a tablespoon of honey and half of a lemon. I can’t believe how much my appetite has decreased. I used to wake up in the middle of the night starving and it was hard to go back to sleep but I refuse to eat that late. I use to be starving in the morning, not anymore. I don’t crave sugar at all! I am so happy that all I have to do is drink my drink first thing in the morning and it totally cuts my appetite in half 😀

      1. Thanks so much for sharing what worked for you. I am in the process of launching a new site dedicated to sharing whatever works in feeling, getting and being better. What you wrote is perfect for the new site. We are in beta at the moment. The beta site is beta.nutmegaspirin.com. I would be so grateful if you shared your story on the new site. Simply sign in. Create a profile and go to share. The input process is so easy and please spread the word!! Thank you and I am going to try your combo after the holiday season!!

    3. How does it flatten yur stomache I need my stomache back flat again I just have a lil puge but I need help

  2. I LOVE Braggs AVC! As you mentioned it works wonders on candida but also clears up some forms of dermatitis. After giving birth both times I developed bouts of perioral dermatitis, not pretty. Apparently dermatologists don’t understand why people get this but it may have something to do with a change in hormones and how that effects our skin’s natural ability to protect itself? Regardless, ingesting AVC and applying topically did the trick and cleared me up for good! Caution- apply diluted otherwise this stuff can burn your skin!

  3. My mother always used a cup of water with a tablespoon of either vinegar or lemon juice to rinse our hair when we where children. It would ‘bring out the shine’ and leave it squeaky clean. So I did my HW and researched that concept to find that it is particularly suited to naturally light colored hair but a word of caution, it might interact with chemically treated or processed hair producing less than desirable results. That may be the fact you were missing?

    1. I think you are right! I try to stay chemical free but bend the rules when it comes to my hair. After I used ACV on my hair I had to run to my colorist!!

      1. I use ACV on my hair, but no alone. I use it with baking soda, kind of like a paste and I love it. Its clean, healthy, and stronger then it has ever been before.

  4. This is an excellent article and after checking off each of the ailments that can benefit from ACV usage – specifically organic ACV like Bragg’s – I can whole heartedly agree that I have had overall health improvement from many of the same. Generally, I wake up in the AM and take a full glass of water w/ a 1/3 cup of Bragg ACV and a lemon twist. I sip it slowly during the course of my AM routine before and after a shower and finish it up while checking my email. I immediately feel better from my head to my toes – i.e. my sinuses clear up and my post – workout soreness from tightened muscles or lactic acid buildup slowly fades away leaving me feeling lucid and ready to start my day! As far as weightloss, I have definitely been able to lose weight slowly while taking ACV because it not only curbs my appetite but it also cleanses my system too. The Mother of Vinegar ingredients have a cleansing effect as well as a restorative, anti-inflammatory component that helps to boost the immune system and leaves you feeling lighter and looser and more physically active. My one suggestion for anyone starting out new here is to add it slowly to your daily regimen. It’s definitely an acquired taste and if it’s blended w/ water rather than taking it straight up in a shot glass, it is easier on the insides. Like anything new, you need to work it in slowly to your diet so as not to upset or radically impose stress on your GI system. There are probiotic qualities to ACV but as in taking a new supplement, you need to gradually i troduce it, but diluting it w/ water and even blending it w/ ice the first week or two….working up to a stronger, less diluted glass each day. I personally don’t add molasses or honey because I do not like to have anything sweet in the AM. I also tend to enjoy more tart rather than sweet things in general. A great article and while I hope my stomach will one day be flat again – my bigger priority is overall health. In fact, this is the best health advice in the article: “An alkaline body is vitally important. For example, cancer survives and thrives in an acidic body. Anyone with cancer should AVOID/limit all acidic foods which include all sugar, whether it is fructose, sucrose, glucose (anything ending in -ose). Forget sodas and processed food! Actually we ALL should avoid these foods. A high PH equates with great health!”

    1. Regardless of how I take AVG I have stomach pains for about about 14 hrs (or until I sleep it off). I’ve tried apple cider ( my family has used this for generations and they all lived into their nineties with no cancer). Please help – I do not want to stop taking vinegar. Any other suggestions?

      1. I am so sorry to hear this. If you get stomach aches after taking ACV then maybe ACV is not good for your body. Just because it is a health tonic does not mean it is healthy for everyone. I am certainly not qualified to dispense medical advice, but no doubt everyone is different. Listen to your body and don’t worry…there are many other ways to receive the benefits conferred by ACV through diet. I hope you feel better!!

  5. Hmm it looks like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll
    just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.

    I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to everything.
    Do you have any points for beginner blog writers? I’d certainly
    appreciate it.

    1. So sorry about that. I certainly would have remembered a LONG comment if I received it. Thank you so much for your feedback and support. I guess my advice is to write with passion and to just be yourself. I can not tell you how many times I rewrote my first post and how nervous I was to take a stand, but the more people are aware, the more we can affect change AND CHANGE IS NEEDED!! Good luck with your blogging endeavors. Hope this helps!

  6. Food babes article did list safe stevia. Organic Sweet Leaf extract is safe. She also provided a great recipe to make your own stevia extract. I plan to try that one.

    I have tried twice to take acv, but I just can’t keep it down. Tried w and wo honey. I will try the shot method next!

  7. I’m not that much of a internet reader tto be honest but your sites really
    nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your website too come back later on.
    Many thanks

  8. Thank you I got on to your site by coincidence
    and love the information …It is indeed very informative may God bless you with more wisdom. .

  9. I keep reading about ACV helping with weight loss but no specifics on how. Is it just taking a tbsp a day? Or is there more to it? ( obviously not eating pizza and cola and expecting results. ) but 2x a day? Or Before each meal? Anything like that?

    1. I understand the confusion. Like anything there is no magic bullet. I find the ACV helps with the bloat but for weightloss (speaking from personal experience) NO SUGAR!! 1 tbsp of diluted ACV in the morning will kick start your metabolism but the will power is up to you! Good luck. Also try oil pulling. Check out my post on swishing. I have now come to believe swishing helps to eliminate sugar cravings.

      1. Ok. Great. Thank you. With my 4th pregnancy I finally developed a sweet tooth and something to help curb the chocolate craving would be great. I’ve reaearched oil pulling but haven’t tried it yet. Guess one more thing to add to the routine. Thanks again.

  10. wonderful publish, very informative. I ponder why the opposite specialists of this
    sector do not understand this. You must continue your writing.
    I’m sure, you have a great readers’ base already!

    1. Thank you so much. Unfortunately, western medicine is so guided by big pharma but I am hopeful more and more people are starting to understand this and are starting to question. Watch the new documentary, Bought. It is very informative.

  11. Having read this I thought it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this
    information together. I once again find myself personally
    spending way too much time both reading and posting
    comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  12. I’ve been drinking 2 tsp with 8 oz of grapefruit or pineapple juice once or twice daily and I have to say my tummy is flatter!!! And my appetite is alot smaller!

    1. The issue with palm oil is environmental. I have read it is a very healthy antioxidant and full of vitamin E and the better palm oil is the red palm oil, from the fruit, however, as popularity increases, forests are being destroyed. For this reason, I am sticking to coconut oil which I use all the time. I take a tablespoon in the morning. It is great for the metabolism and curbs hunger. I use it as a sunscreen and especially as a moisturizer. If I have a toothache, I swish. See my article on oil pulling. I hope this helps and thanks for your question!!

  13. Great article!!! 😀

    I love ACV, so many benefits to this bottle of wonder stuff!,
    I did however try to use it diluted with water to stop my itchy flakey scalp but found it made it worse, yet it works so well for my hubby???? Lol,
    Organic coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil has worked wonders for my scalp and I’ve no itch or flakiness anymore,,
    I just popped that onto my scalp and hair from root to tip and tied my hair up in a big old bun for a good 4 to 5 hours then washed it out with organic shampoo! Awesome stuff! Plus I definitely think the coconut oil has made my hair stronger! Bonus bonus bonus 😀

    Love taking my shot glass of ACV,

  14. It’s great on a sun burn. I’ve used white vinegar and it takes the discomfort out. But after reading this post, I’m sure the acv works better. I’ve gargled to cure laryngitis also. But I also did a full shot. A girl at work was like, “yeah, just take a shot, don’t dilute it, after you eat something that’s off your diet.” So after eating Chinese takeout I obviously was feeling guilty enough to give it a try. Ha! I thought I was going to die. The fumes were suffocating me for a good 30 seconds. Just as scary as almost drowning. But I lived to tell! The next day I visited the bathroom 3 times. I know it’s tmi, but it was like I hadn’t gone in a week. Each time. I was cleaned out and I felt really good.

  15. Hi, I really want to try this for a flatter stomach.. I take a shot of it with a little bit of water correct? Does it have to be water? Can I put any other type of juice?

    1. You just have to dilute it otherwise it is too harsh going down. Good luck!!!
      And also try organic coconut oil. I put a teaspoon in my coffee every morning. It helps with weight loss as well.

  16. Thank you for the info. I’m going to try ACV for the first time. I understand it’s 2 tablespoons but how much water? I work better with measurements. This will also let me know what size glass or cup to use. I want to be able to get the full affect of ACV & not over dilute it.

    1. I get wanting to do something right, but don’t get too stressed about dosage. The key is to dilute otherwise you will feel the burn throughout your body. Been there. Done that and it is no fun!! Perhaps start with a tablespoon ACV with a tablespoon of water. Throw it back like a shot and make sure to rinse your mouth so the vinegar does not stay on your teeth. Good luck!!

  17. Great article. I am taking ACV for anemia and came across your article. What also made me want to write you was the kind and open manner in which you answer all of the question. Ty. Lee

    1. Thank you so much. You truly made my day:-)
      I hope ACV works it’s magic for you.
      And if it does, stay tuned for my new site that I am building now called NutmegAspirin.com where you will be able to share your healing experience. I want to hear all about how ACV healed your anemia! There is a site up now but it is more of a holding site. We are going to be showcasing “What works for you.” Share your healing hacks and if you care to…the back story behind your healing experience. We hope to document personal experiences and the impact those experiences are having on people’s lives. We are probably two months away from launch. And yes, I am learning PATIENCE!!

  18. Hi! I heard a lot about ACV and how good the benefits was. It was my first day yesterday to try it and i mixed 2 tablespoons of ACV to 8oz of water. I took in the morning and at night. The reason is that i want to flatten my stomach. Is the one that i am doing is better than taking a shot? I had a contact dermatitis on my both knees and trying to experiment also to apply to it and i hope it will work. Thank you and your site helps…God Bless!

    1. Thanks for sharing. However you want to take ACV is up to you. I take it like a shot but in 8oz it gets you to drink more water so that is great too. Let me know how it works for both weight loss and your dermititis as I will be launching the new Nutmeg Aspirin site soon where we will be focusing on whatever works in a more “nutshell” form. Think healing hacks. And I am so happy the blog is helping. We all need to be there for each other and share our experiences!! Oh and for weight loss, do not forget about eliminating sugar!! That is key!!

  19. I want for flat stomach, the last time I got acv, it’s the refined I got can I get the bragg product in Nigeria as well

  20. Wow. Such an amazing article. I just had a quick question though. I would like to start using the ACV as soon as I give birth for weight loss. Would you recommend waiting a little bit?

    1. Hmmm…if you are breastfeeding, you will have to see if it effects the baby. But this is true for everything you eat when breastfeeding. There will be foods to be avoided that might give the baby gas or irritate. As far as any harm, ACV is totally safe. BUT please note, I am not a doctor!!!

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