Why am I going crazy (in a bad way) about GMOS?


Vendana Shiva is a brilliant and articulate environmental activist from India. She is up against a tough, disrespectful interviewer and she is undeterred.  GMOs are the biggest threat to our world today. If you disagree or do not understand, hear what she has to say. Seeds are not inventions. They are the sustenance of life and should never be patented! Also, most of the GM crops are not even grown for food. Hunger persists because GMO crops have eliminated biodiversity–fruits, veggies…all the healthy stuff!

Watch and learn.

An Excerpt…

Interviewer: “You talk about the fact they are enslaved by the way they are sold seeds.”

Vandana Shiva: “…Patents are granted for inventions. Seed is not invented. But the only reason why you take a patent is to collect royalties. Royalites meaning cost for your seed. Royalties meaning seed that is renewable by its very nature is made non-renewable.”

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