Calling all Women in NY State: ACT NOW!!

This is from a very close friend. She works for the New York Civil Liberties Union and she, along with the NYCLU, are working on behalf of women everywhere in New York. NYCLU is sponsoring a piece of legislation called the Women’s Equality Agenda. It is long overdue. I did not realize the many inequalities that still exist in today’s society and I am sure I am not alone. This has to change. So for our daughters, nieces, neighbors,  friends, and the women most effected, please read and take action fast—sign the petition, go to Albany, call your state senator/assemblyperson, make a donation AND SHARE THIS ON FACEBOOK AND ALL SOCIAL MEDIA!!! The Legislative Session is June 20th!!!!!!!

Support the Women’s Equality Agenda,

10 Million New York Women Will Thank You!

Do you know about the Women’s Equality Agenda?  This groundbreaking legislative Agenda is going to make history in New York if our State legislators pass it by the end of the Legislative Session this June 20th! It will ensure that New York’s 10 million mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives get a fair shake. So, we need New Yorker’s to spread the word, take action, and support it — NOW!

The Women’s Equality Agenda will break down barriers that prevent women from fully and equally participating in society.  It will:

It’s about time!  And, it’s time to take action.  There’s only 18 days to get this Agenda passed!  The famous African proverb says:  “When you pray, move your feet.”  We all know that it is not enough to want justice — we have to work for it.  And, you can take action to support the Agenda by:

  • Making a meaningful gift to the Women’s Equality Agenda and help get funding from your own networks.  To make donations, link to the NYCLU and the WEA COALITION.

While you contemplate taking action, consider that every day women are faced with obstacles to economic stability and happiness simply because they are women.  If our State legislators act on the Women’s Equality Agenda, it will pave the way for stronger families and better communities in New York.

The Women’s Equality Agenda would ensure that income is not tied to gender but to job performance. It would protect employees who share their salaries, so that we can hold employers accountable to providing salaries based on job performance.  It would keep an employer from denying a woman a promotion simply because she has children. And, it would make it easier to fight for equality through our justice system.

Most importantly, the New York Women’s Equality Agenda would protect the most vulnerable women of our society — victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. It acknowledges that these women deserve safe and stable housing as well as stronger protections written in law.

Gender discrimination is our reality today.  And, WEA can stop it by tackling these issues:

  • Pay Gap:  The pay gap is perhaps the most obvious manifestation of gender inequality. Women in New York State earn 84% of what men earn. African-American and Hispanic women are even more disadvantaged, earning just 66% and 55% of what non-Hispanic men earn, respectively.  Because an employee can be fired for sharing their salary information, this pay disparity often goes undetected.
  • Family Status Discrimination:  Discrimination goes beyond equal pay for equal work. If a woman wants to start a family, she must consider that women with children are less likely to be hired or promoted, and in most cases, are offered less in salary than men of the same skill level.  She may be denied reasonable accommodation for any pregnancy-related conditions. That means she could be fired for taking time to take care of her health.
  • Justice Costs Too Much:  It’s expensive to seek justice against discrimination by gender in the workplace or credit and lending cases. The current law says that a person cannot be reimbursed for legal fees, even after discrimination is proven. The result is that many women facing blatant discrimination do not seek justice because it’s too expensive or risky.
  • Sexual Harassment And Domestic Violence:  Women are more likely to suffer from domestic violence both in the workplace and at home. Women account for three quarters of the sexual harassment complaints filed in this State. 85% of domestic violence victims are women. Under current state law, victims of domestic violence have no protection from discrimination in housing, meaning landlords can evict them under zero-tolerance policies.
  • Housing Discrimination Hits Women The Hardest:  Landlords can also discriminate against low-income tenants by refusing to rent to families who use housing vouchers. This issue is most dire for women. Single mothers account for 76% of all voucher holders in the State.

To be sure, gender discrimination is not a thing of the past. It is a real issue facing the over 10 million women in New York State. It’s time for our legislators to show their love and respect for women and pass the New York Women’s Equality Agenda – NOW!

Lisa Laplace

Attorney, New York Civil Liberties Union

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