Perhaps the Real Reason GMOs were Created?

The real reason? Because the Round Up ready patent was up in 2000. Monsanto’s solution? To create a Round Up ready GMO crop where farmers who buy the seeds sign a contract to buy the Monsanto herbicide as well. One does not work with out the other. In essence, they extended their patent.

Jeffrey Smith, one of the leading Anti- GMO activists explains in this 2 minute clip. He also addresses the difference between natural genetic engineering versus forcing genes from “kingdoms” that have never coexisted into one species. The result: massive collateral damage in the DNA or hundreds of mutations. In basic terms– new and more potent allergens, toxins and anti-nutrients that are all DISMISSED and NOT EVEN EVALUATED by Monsanto and the FDA. Yet, when independent researchers reach these conclusions, they are simply disregarded or discredited.

Take a moment to hear for yourself….

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