Beyond Pink Ribbons: Understanding the Emotion behind Breast Cancer

I recently went to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation lunch.

While all the doctors agreed we should eat fruits and veggies, the conversation re: nutrition and prevention was depressingly superficial. Not one mention about the quality of our food, or eating sugar, dairy, etc. Not one mention of GMO foods and only a passing comment about chemicals and pesticides. They said– yes they are endocrine disruptors, but because everyone is overloaded, meaning there is no control group of those not exposed and the time between exposure and cancer is tenuous, conducting a human as opposed to animal study to definitively prove a link to cancer is too challenging. Do we really need a study? Don’t we all just need to look around?

Unfortunately, they ended the symposium before I got to ask my questions. One, of course, being about GMOs and the quality of our food today and the other— what about the emotional body?

Eastern philosophy dictates physical dis-ease (as opposed to disease) is the manifestation of underlying emotions. I wanted to know if any scientists are actively studying this connection? Do emotions increase susceptivity to disease or releasing or working through emotions aid healing? I wanted to ask is anyone aware that diseases come with emotional fingerprints and the one for breast cancer is– women who are great at nurturing the world around them, but not themselves.

Changing the diet and taking into account foods to avoid like dairy– full of pregnant lactating, cow estrogen hormones are so important. As the BCRF doctors mentioned– eat your fruits and veggies, but go one step further. Make sure they are organic and free of pesticides. Reduce processed, high fructose corn syrup foods. Make sure your homes are free of toxic chemical cleaning products or flame retardants in furniture or pesticides on your lawn. Use aluminum free deodorants. Eat grass fed meat free of hormones, antibiotics and GMO feed. Be watchful of creams and suntan lotions…

BUT ALSO go within and examine yourself. Do you fit the emotional profile? If you do, perhaps start recognizing how you are putting everyone else before yourself. Nurturing yourself is not narcissism. What I have learned is, the better I am– mentally, physically and spiritually, the better off everyone else is around me and to maintain that space requires constant work on myself.

You will never hear this advice from a doctor, but look around at your friends/family members with breast cancer. See if they fit that profile. I have done my own survey and sure enough the emotion seems to fit.

I genuinely hope this insight helps.

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