If you are a regular of Do Your HW, then you will certainly have noticed my lack of posts in recent months. That is because I have been busy cultivating a new baby so to speak…

I am so excited to share with you my new venture:


Collecting and honoring healing stories…. began out of a need to scream my healing story from the roof tops. If you missed my story about how I became so passionate about health and wellness, link here.

I went from being scared, at rock bottom, pretty much overdosing on antibiotics, refusing antidepressants, and being told I would have my symptoms for life, to feeling better than ever. I changed my thoughts. I changed my diet. I changed my perceptions. I quieted my mind. Everything about my life changed…for the better.

I know my experience and my transformation from having undergone a healing journey is not unique. Something happens when you heal and you basically want everyone to know that no matter what the diagnosis they can do it too or at the very least, they are not alone. There is a world of open hearted, compassionate people just waiting to step in and be your cheerleader, your guide, your hand holder or whatever you may need in any given moment.

While was and is my place to share MY learning, NUTMEGASPIRIN.COM is my new place so that EVERYONE can share what they have learned or done to heal. It is real stories. It is real answers. It is real healing. And it is about whatever works FOR YOU!!

I encourage you to share what you have done to heal whether from a dire diagnosis to something as trivial as a pimple ( although for a teenager, there is nothing trivial about even one pimple!) Or perhaps your story is more about healing an emotional trauma or dealing with a child who has ADHD– I could use some help there! Or are you an expert/practitioner? We want your story too. How did you decide to become an expert in your field? Did you have a healing expereince?

Think of NUTMEGASPIRIN.COM as one giant platform or one giant rooftop. Come be heard and come help others!! And let us promote, celebrate, amplify any and all who simply want to share and care.

Can you feel my excitement?! I hope so and may it be contagious!! Go to NUTMEGASPIRIN.COM now. Sign up to receive notices and most importantly take 5 MINUTES and share your story by filling out our quick and easy questionnaire. Let our questions guide your story telling and let our format guide everyone’s ability to find the most pertinent information quickly!!

To everyone’s HEALTH and HAPPINESS!!








    1. Thanks Wanda!! I am sure you have many healing stories and please fill out the expert questionnaire as you know everything about skincare and more holistic ways for younger looking skin!! And please spread the word!! Thank you so much!!

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