On December 5, 2015, we launched phase one. We put up a sample site to gauge reactions to our concept–a platform dedicated to healing stories. Amazingly, with no PR and zero marketing we generated stories from all over the world. How someone found us in Sweden, Africa, and Germany? I have no idea, but we knew, based on the global reach, we were onto something. Encouraged, we took feedback to heart– the questionnaire was too long, for some it might bring up too many bad memories writing their stories, we asked, but did not give, etc and we took time to evolve the concept and build a new site.

The learning was exponential. The time it took… MUCH longer than expected. The amount of details that go into building a custom site…staggering, but VOILA! We did it. On December 5, 2016, we launched, phase 2.

And now after months of private beta, we are ready for you to CHECK US OUT!! The new improved has arrived and we hope you are as excited about this new community and resource as we are.

You may be wondering…how is it different than the original site? The list is long…

  • Rather than being a site about “healing” we have morphed or redefined that word into our mantra “feeling, getting and be better” because who does not want to feel, get and be better?! But, we also redefined because we want our site to feel comfortable not just for those who get it, but for those who don’t and are curious. We purposefully avoided the stereotypical wellness buzzwords.
  • Instead of a long, arduous questionnaire, we now ask for digestible bites of information. We call what people share or post, “Possibilities.” The Share process is quick and easy. A few sentences is all that is needed, but those with more to say, space is provided. So by sharing what worked for you ( which by the way does not have to be an earth shattering story…it could simply be Apple Cider Vinegar helped me to get a flat stomach or helped my acne), others can discover what MIGHT work for them. We provide a world of possibilities that are just waiting for you to explore!
  • When reading the possibilities, we ask our community to react–“tried it worked for me, nope, so/so or going to try.” Reactions are important as they help people discern whether the possibility is an option they want to try and reactions help us to empirically document what works and what does not.
  • Profiles are a new and a very important feature. Everything that you share is saved in and linked to your profile. You can save possibilities and group them into collections. You can showcase yourself on your profile. You can tell our community who you are and what you have to offer. Add your website. Upload a picture of yourself! Creating the profile is so easy. Just simply sign in. For experts and practitioners, think of Nutmeg as a more substantive YELP!
  • Perspectives is our editorial area where we showcase inspiring stories–longer versions of the possibilities in some cases or we ask experts to share with us their work and what led them to do what they do. It is a reflective area of the site, but curated by the Nutmeg Aspirin team.
  • Read about a product and want to try for yourself? Simply click and purchase!
  • Our design. We hope you like our new logo and look! FYI ≈ is the mathematical symbol meaning substantially equivalent. Get it? It could be nutmeg or aspirin, meditation or diet…it is whatever works!! Also the colors for the site were chosen with care. Yellow represents understanding and red is symbolic of digestion…
  • And most importantly, as in life, as at Nutmeg Aspirin…we are continually evolving and adapting. So many exciting additions to the site are in the pipeline and we are open to whatever drops into our laps or what you might have to share as far as our growth.

Welcome to the world of feeling, getting and being better. was created to showcase MY learning, but Nutmeg Aspirin is about showcasing all of OUR learning. Think of us as the proverbial stoop– the neighbor, friend, colleague you turn to for advice because inevitably they say…”YOU HAVE GOT TO TALK TO SO AND SO! THEY WENT THROUGH THE SAME THING!”

Let us be your so and so and think of us as a wikipedia of personal experiences around “feeling, getting and being better!’

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To health, happiness, friendship,


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