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“Do your homework” is something that over the last few years, I kept saying mostly to myself and to those willing to listen about the many issues arising in the world of health and wellness.

At one point in my life, I was very sick from exposure to toxic mold. I went to 38 doctors over 2 years and not one could tell me what was wrong with me or what to do. Many prescribed antibiotics and anti-depressants. I took the antibiotics fearing I had Lyme disease or inner ear infections, but I refused the anti-depressants. What was wrong with me was real. I was depressed, but I wanted to get to the source and not just mask it with a temporary band-aid. (To read my full story, link here).

In my quest for health, I discovered a whole new world—a world where I found true healing. A world that helped restore me to perfect health that continually amazes my doctor whenever I go for a routine physical. He truly thought I would never get better.

My journey has led me to many odd places—healers, shamans, Taoist priests, ancient Chinese remedies, herbs, potions, oils, acupuncture, body talk, EFT…my list is exhaustive, but it is a list of a woman determined to get better and a woman with an insatiable curiosity to learn and understand. Why are we here? What is the key to happiness and how do I truly be the best version of me?

Many take a “mind, body, spirit” path to wellness. I suppose my path is spirit, mind and then body. I started with energy healings of spirit. Then I educated my mind, but it all came together when I decided it was time to clean out my body and my kitchen cupboards. At that point in time, everything changed. I changed.

Fears dissipated. Obsessive tendencies seemed to vanish. Kindness, compassion, understanding magnified and clarity of thought…my brain was on fire! I could use it in ways like never before. The better I felt, the more I needed to learn and the more my capacity for learning expanded.

Do Your Homework is and will be my labor of love not just for myself, but for everyone who wants to feel better. I do not care about my longevity. Does it matter if I will live an extra 5 or 10 years? Not really. What matters is feeling good right here, right now. In the present.

I have no intention of making decisions for you. Rather I wish to spark awareness. Peak your curiosity. Plant some seeds. What you do with the information I present is your choice. All I ask is for you to “do your homework” and make informed decisions. There are always two sides to every decision—yes or no. You choose, but choose wisely and with full awareness.

I am not an expert. I am simply a woman, a mother and a wife who cares very deeply and truly wishes everyone an awesome life experience—one where you feel mentally and physically well enough to enjoy every moment.

From someone who didn’t to someone who does now, the choice is yours.

Let me inform you of what I have learned. I will never profess to know it all or to always be right, but I will admit to having a strong bias to keeping it natural whenever possible.

To your health and happiness,


P.S. Some posts will be in depth and some will just be FYIs so as I learn, you can learn.

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I am normally such a private person, but after years of trying to find a soap box to stand on so others might listen, I realized I had to create my own.

Tune in or tune out, as always the CHOICE is yours!!!!!!

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  1. Mara:Your writing is so wise and so thoughtful.Yes we are supposed to be able to trust our doctors, but they all seem to buy into this new world of vaccines.Some are old and some are new, but you have to question benefit and risk.Thats when it gets tricky.Fear is a huge motivator.I so appreciate the research you have compiled.Well done!!!This a great service you have provided your friends with.love,carolyn

  2. Mara, I am in awe of how well you have researched and compiled such objective informative and counter intuitive ammunition to what the”experts”tell us. You get to the heart of the matter and the layers go deep. I’m not sure what is scarier, to have ingredients listed that are potentially cancer causing or have them part of a product that it never needs to even be listed such as propylene glycol. I guess if our government can’t stand up for us with more rigorous safety testing, how fortunate we are that you have stood up for such an important mission. Thank you so much. It is clearly a labor of love

  3. Hello Mara,

    Thank you for your dedication and passion for wellbeing – I share that too!!

    I have been researching the impacts of Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Frequency since our local Hydro company and provincial government insisted on mandatory installation of wireless smart meters. Even before the advent of this wireless smart meter program, we had consciously chosen not to have/use: cordless phones, a microwave oven, or wireless connectivity because of our understanding that these devices were harmful. I began my research into these devices (that transmit 24/7) and have learned some pretty darned scary things. We have also successfully kept our analog meter for the time being.

    Would you be interested in adding this subject to your to-do list? It is akin to the smoking/second-hand smoke issue, except that it is getting increasingly difficult to be anywhere not exposed to EMR. The standards in Canada and the US are dated, and technology is forging rapidly ahead, despite cautions issued by the scientific, non-industry-funded community.

    To get you started, here is a link to the 2012 Bio-Initiative report:

    And perhaps an even easier way to get your feet wet on the issues of EMR: Resonance: Beings of Frequency


    An excellent documentary that does a wonderful job of explaining the problems. It has been a helpful tool to share with others so they can start to “get it” – not easy in a world where we so love our instant gratification and our high-tech toys regardless of the toll.

    Again, thank you for your good work. I am happy to share your writings – they are valuable in a world where folks are waking up and seeking answers beyond the spin we’ve all been fed that is obviously wearing thin.

    Kind Regards, Titania

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